God's Not Dead
And Neither Are We

-- Susy Flory, author of So Long, Status Quo

"A very necessary book, full of valuable lessons and insight."
-- Todd Jenkins, Artist's Work B.e.n.c.h

"I give Jerry's effort an unreserved endorsement."
-- Bruce Brown, Former Editor CCM Magazine

"... a great introduction to an exciting period of music barely covered elsewhere."
-- Mike Rimmer, Cross Rhythms

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In August of 2005,
a unique event took place in southern California.

It was a concert featuring names not heard of,
or from, in years.

Yet it was anything but a nostalgic golden oldies show of bands and audience alike
attempting to relive their youth.

It was part celebration, part reunion,
and part acknowledgement of what once was
and still is.

It was a call to come home.

Now, the pioneers who created a genre
and laid the foundation
of today’s Christian alternative music
are sharing their stories, their wisdom,
and their lives,
both then and now.

If you weren’t there,
it’s time to learn where you came from.

If you were there...
it’s time to live again.

Raise your hands. It’s time to fly.