God's Not Dead
And Neither Are We

About the Book

God's Not Dead (And Neither Are We) is the story of Christian alternative rock's pioneers, then and now, as told by the artists themselves. It isn't so much a history of the music, or even the era, although both elements are present throughout the book. It's about the people who made the music and carried out the ministry, their reflections on that era, and where they are in their lives today.

Digging without Prying

The author made no attempt to fit everyone and everything in the book into a predefined definition of "Christian" music, ministry, or anything else. The artists spoke freely and openly about whatever they choose, with no effort to corroborate stories with one another. Each artist in the book has been allowed to review his or her portion, with the artist alone having the final say on content. The book contains no censorship of topic or language.

Further Content Information

  • Each artist appearing in the book has an individual chapter devoted to them. Far too often, bands are interviewed and/or profiled as a band, with one or two members receiving the lion's share of attention. God's Not Dead (And Neither Are We) is written on the principle that all members of a band are of importance, therefore deserve equal treatment.

  • The chapter order is both selective and random, designed for the best flow from one story to the next with no great effort to put chapters from members of the same band in sequence.

  • The book was originally published in April 2009 under the title God's Not Dead (And Neither Are We) and was republished in December 2010 under the title First And Forgotten. The content is identical in each.